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Holistic Holness


Please Contact Your Prosthetic Centre Or Doctor For Advice BEFORE You Start Your Exercising Programme For The FIRST Time.



Don't be Defined by others Opinion of  You.

Regular exercise can make everyday living easier and also more enjoyable. 


It helps to improve well-being and decreased stress.

It Improve health (lower cholesterol and blood pressure, reduced risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease)

It also help with weight management

It will improved ability to perform activities of daily life

It will also increase fitness (better breathing, increase strength and endurance)

Improve balance and co-ordination

Improved range of movement and joint mobility

Injury prevention



Don't Give Up just because of what someone said 

Use that as Motivation to Push Harder


Physical activity and exercise can help you become both physically and mentally fit.


Exercise can help improve mental health and well being by increasing feel good hormones and reducing stress inducing hormones so decreasing depression. it can also help to boost your self esteem and increase self- confidence in other areas of your life. To gain these psychological benefits you must maintain a regular exercise routine but this isn't always easy.

As a disabled person you may face a number of barriers to physical activity which can make becoming and staying active a real challenge. I can tell you first hand though, it is worth the effort required!

    A few of the common excuses/blocks:

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