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The Express: Al Qaeda can't scare us

Express, The/The Express on Sunday (Published as Express, The (London, England)) - August 5, 2005

JUST who do these people think they are? Ayman al-Zawahri, Al Qaeda's second in command, appeared on the Arabic television channel Al Jazeera yesterday, warning Britain of another terror attack. It is a measure of these people's self-importance that they think they can frighten us.


Al Jazeera is guilty of airing a lot of views from fanatics and imbeciles but it doesn't mean that anyone in the wider world actually feels alarm. Our attitude is much better summed up by Garri Holness, who lost a leg in the July 7 bombing. "I'm not down at all, " he said.


"If I have a bad day, they win." It was business as usual in Britain yesterday.

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