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Surviving 7/7 London bombing


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Many people experience a shock or seeming disaster that begins their spiritual quest; maybe the death of a loved one, break up of relationships, redundancy, disfigurement,  scandal or even a paranormal experience. But it is very few people who actually face all of these things, all at once, brought onto them through a deliberate act of terrorism and manage not only to smile again and become a better man afterwards, but also help uplift and inspire others through positive thinking. This is the inspirational true story of such a man, a man now with a foot in two worlds, who tells his story; a story that will take you on a roller-coaster ride of emotions,  and leave you believing that you too can overcome any challenge.     

























The Motivational Coach who walks with

a foot in two worlds


 Garri Meeting Ken Olisa Lord Lieutenant of London


Garri Holness worked successfully as a professional accounts executive in London for more than 20 years. He was a survivor of the London bombings in 2005, which changed his life completely. Since coming to terms with the loss of his left leg below the knee he has become an inspired and motivational speaker and author. His book Surviving 7/7 London Bombings and Beyond; Garri Holness His Story,  will be launched in 2015.
He mentors professional business people, as well as underprivileged youth and drug addicts,  helping to motivate them to achieve their life goals and stay on the straight and narrow.
He is passionate about equalling things out in society, addressing the isolation of black youth in particular. He hopes to become a motivational role model that the inner city population can identify with and be inspired by. 
He is passionate about health and wellness; having realized the importance of it during his painful journey of recovery. Good exercise and diet is an essential part of his teachings and lifestyle.




Wise Words 


"Respect Yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer Serves You, Grows You, or makes You Happy." 

"If You are not being treated with Love & Respect, 

'Check YOUR Price Tag'"

"Maybe you've marked yourself down. It's YOU who tell people what your WORTH is." 

"So get Yourself  Out of the Clearance Rack and Go behind the Glass where they keep the Valuables."






The Living Legend Initiative Project


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"Wow! what a story and what an  amazing guy. He went from hero to zero now his back, stronger and wiser than before. Love this guy, he gives me hope."


Samantha Jones

The Sanctum - Alcohol & Drugs Rehab Centre



"I would never of  thought that this amazing guy would of gone through what he has gone through in his life and still manage to always be smiling. God is great."


Anthony Griffiths 

Plexus - Alcohol & Drugs Rehab Centre



"I found Garri's story very moving and very inpirational to be at rock bottom and still being kick, he managed not only to rise but rise with dignity and a purpose."


Tilly Phillips 

The Sunctum

Rehab Centre

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