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Garri: Life won't be ruined by bombers - Four weeks on.


Sun, The (London, England) - August 5, 2005

DEFIANT Garri Holness, who lost a leg in the 7/7 attack on London, told last night of his hatred for the terrorist masterminds -and vowed not to let them destroy his life.


Garri, 36 -pictured left in hospital -said: "They have brainwashed people.


They've taken sections of the Koran, little sections, and changed it."


But Garri, caught in the Piccadilly Line Tube blast, feels nothing for the four dead suicide bombers who carried out the outrage.


He said "I don't hate them, what is done is done.


"I think they were warped individuals. They didn't have the brain to know that what they were doing was not right.


"They are not martyrs. They are not going to Heaven. They killed innocent people."


Garri, of Croydon, South London, is still undergoing treatment for his injuries.


But he added: "I am blessed to be alive. I've not let myself have a bad day. If I do that the bombers will have won."

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