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Agony of bomb son

People, The (London, England) - August 21, 2005

  • Author/Byline: By RACHEL BLETCHLY  Edition: 2 Star Section: News Page: 6



BRAVE terror bomb survivor Garri Holness left hospital to face new heartache last week - his beloved mum's funeral.


Grief-stricken Garri, 37, who lost a leg in the King's Cross tube atrocity, was determined to attend despite his terrible injuries.


He even read a tribute to mum Vera, 82, who died in a London nursing home without knowing Garri had been injured in the blasts. After the church service in Brixton, south London, attended by hundreds of friends and relatives, Garri said it was one of the hardest days of his life.


He said: "It was difficult, but I'm so pleased I got there. She would have been proud of me."


Advertising executive Garri won huge public admiration for showing forgiveness to the bombers.


A rucksack packed with explosives was detonated just yards from him in a packed train on July 7. Garri had his left leg amputated and needed skin grafts.


He is still being treated at London's Royal Free Hospital.


He said he did not blame the bombers, explaining: "They were brainwashed. I feel sorry for them."

  • Caption: GARRI:Reads at funeral

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