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War On Britain : IF I HATE, THEY WIN

Daily Mirror, The / The Sunday Mirror (London, England) (Published as Daily Mirror, The (London, England)) - August 5, 2005Browse Issues

  • Author/Byline: By NICK SOMMERLADEdition: 3 StarSection: NewsPage: 5



SURVIVOR Garri Holness said yesterday he does not hate the suicide bombers.


Instead Garri, who lost a leg in the Piccadilly Line blast on July 7, blames the people who "brainwashed" them into carrying out the atrocity.


Jamaican born hip-hop singer Garri, 36, called the bombers "warped individuals with no life, who need a goal in life and to say they have done something and to be a martyr. They don't have a brain to think that what they are doing is not right.


"I don't hate them - what is done is done. The people who have brainwashed them, that's who I hate. Those people are turning normal people against Muslims. They've taken little sections of the Koran and watered it down and brainwashed individuals to get them to believe it is correct. It's not correct."


Despite his injuries Garri, of Croydon, South London, said he feels "blessed" to be alive.


From his bed in the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, North London, he said: "If I have a bad day then they have won. I do not let myself have a bad day or get down.


"I have no malice against anybody. I'm just going to get on with my life because if I have that malice or that anger I'm only going to be held back.


"If I am able to go to work, come home and do what I'm doing and sing, as long as I can get along with doing that I will be happy. Because I have been blessed. God saved me for a reason."

  • Caption: BRAVE: Garri in hospital after losing leg

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